Parish Bulletin, 28th January – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

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Today’s Gospel and Australia Day

In the readings of the Gospel sometimes there are a few verses skipped, or sometimes even a passage. However, in today’s Gospel we go from the Prologue to Luke’s Gospel (Lk:1.1-4) and the Acts of the Apostles (they are Part A and Part B of one work) to Lk:4 12-21. This is a full four chapters later. The Prologue tells us why Luke wrote: to confirm Gentile believers in their faith by giving them a strong sense of identity. In Chapter 4 Jesus begins his public ministry in the synagogue of his home town. He tells us why he has come: to set people free, as in the sabbatical year when all debts were to be cancelled (Cf. Deut:15). God’s forgiveness releases us from the debt due to our sin.

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