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In keeping with the guidelines on the liturgy, prepare an environment that speaks of beauty and use symbols that enable the community to  full, conscious and active  participation.


Jocelyn Versace, contactable via the Parish Office 08 9276 8500   or  enquiries@infantjesusparish.org.au

Key activities

According to the season of the liturgical year, the team prepares the church environment we worship in to reflect the season. When erecting or placing anything on or around the sanctuary or church, sharp focus should be on the requirements of the liturgy and the ritual actions that will take place there.

Naturally, whatever is put up must come down, so returning the environment to its original state when required is just as important.

About us

The number of members in the group varies depending on the demands of the celebration. For instance, the complicated Easter ceremonies require more people to be present for the changing needs of the liturgies, especially the Triduum.

People are invited or volunteer their time and skills to assist.

Once the commitment is made it is imperative that it is kept.

For the major seasons we gather more regularly to ensure the demands of the changing needs of the liturgy is being met. The meeting times are being formalised, as at present the meetings are as when the need arises.

When new banners or decorations are required, time is spent reflecting on the relevant scripture for the season to gain images, feelings or thoughts. Then the challenge is to transfer those images, thoughts or feelings into something that will evoke similar feelings and perhaps unlock some awareness or element of the liturgy.

A variety of medium is used to do this, textiles, flowers, placement of furniture, music are some avenues.


  • The church is of a modern design, we need to complement that design.
  • Simplicity in the decorations is paramount.

Flowers are very important in this ministry and only fresh flowers are ever used as they are a reminder of the gift of life that God has given us. Once in place, the flowers need to be maintained to keep them as fresh as possible.


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