Being With God In Prayer


1. Make Yourself Comfortable as you come to be with God – come as you are, not how you think you should

  • Relax in God’s presence

2. Be Aware Of the Presence Of God wherever you might be and especially when with your child

  • God is everywhere; in your daily routine, the world around you and in sacred places like the Church
  • Be aware that God is with you.  Let your child know that “God is here.” (He is present here in your heart, too. He lives in you as you live in him.)
  • Also announce to God that “Here we are, Lord. Thank you for being here with us.”

3. Be Still – as best as you can with a child!

  • in the busyness of your day, try to spend just 5 minutes of quiet time in prayer.  Then, little by little, increase the time, as circumstances allow.  Know that just five minutes will do you a world of good.
  • listen to what God may be saying to you – sense His presence; in your child, in the work that you do, through the people you meet, the beauty of the flowers, the feel of the breeze…..

4. Reflect on who you are and who God is

  • speak to God about your life – it’s problems, it’s joys.
  • thank God for his love.
  • see suffering and challenges in your life as a purification
  • be sorry for your sins.  Ask for God’s forgiveness.
  • Make resolutions and seek God’s help.

5. Scripture – The Word of God

  • for yourself, choose a passage of scripture for quiet meditation and reflection or read from a scripture book slowly
  • for your child, introduce them to bible stories early as part of their reading

 6. Praise and adore God

  • speak heart to heart
  • adore God

7. Pray for others

  • your child/children, spouse, family, people in your life, those who have asked for prayers, people in trouble

8. Bid God farewell… for now

  • As you take your leave, ask God to be with you as you return to your daily activities.


 Other ways to pray: Sacred Space | Daily Prayer Online | Pray-As-You-Go mp3 format | 3 minute Daily Retreats


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