To greet the community and visitors to mass with warmth, assist with any queries and generate faith, hope and love.

Key Activities

  • Two meetings are planned for the year; one mid-May and the other mid-November, when information on activities at the parish are discussed and any problems or difficulties experienced by members are dealt with.
  • Greeting and ushering the community at all Christmas and Easter services.
  • Meeting new parishioners and providing support at morning teas held twice a year at the Parish Centre.

Josephine McManus, contactable via the Parish Office    08 9276 8500   or

About Us
The Hospitality Ministry is a very rewarding and beneficial service to the parish community.  It contributes towards a friendly, warm atmosphere for parish worship and activities.

Members are always available to give a helping hand when requested by the Manager of the Parish Office and others.

Members are very active at all weekend Masses except at the Italian Mass.  Worshippers are greeted and the bulletin handed to all who attend Mass.

After each Mass the bulletins left on pews are collected and the bulletin stand tidied.  Items left by parishioners are put in the “lost property” cupboard and items of value are handed to Bro James or the Parish Office.  Rubbish left on the pews and floor are picked up and discarded and the church is left clean and tidy for the next lot of worshippers.


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