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Pope Benedict XVI once said: “The Church stands or falls with the liturgy”.

In our liturgies, we encounter God himself.

The Second Vatican Council said: “The liturgy is the source and summit of life, toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the font from which all her power flows”. This is true for the Church as a whole, and for each member and group within the Church. This is true, as well, for each parish. For us at Infant Jesus, the liturgy is the source and summit of our life. Why? Because although there are many ways of doing good things and even of praying, only in the liturgy of the Church do we receive God’s grace through the sacraments, which helps us to encounter God personally, in a real and efficacious way.

Following on from feedback from the Parish Community meetings, a Liturgy Group was re-formed to coordinate our Liturgies with Jocelyn Versace as the the main contact for the Leadership team.

The Leadership team tries to meet four times annually and subsequent to each meeting, meet with the Liturgical Ministry coordinators (four times annually). Responsibilities and tasks are shared – with the leadership team coordinating all of this for the smooth running of our liturgies. Feedback is sought from Ministry Coordinators after each special liturgy – to look at ways we might be able to make improvements and adjustments, as required.

This plan is being developed over time but it must be sustainable to lead into the future.

The Liturgy Group look at the year ahead and plan meetings with Ministry Coordinators so that everyone can have input and our liturgies can be special. An example of this is the wonderful celebrations we have over Holy Week and Easter. Bringing people together – to share their gifts and talents and make our liturgies more meaningful – is something we will always strive to do.

In addition to coordinating parish liturgies, the leadership team aim to work together to provide resources and catechises not only for our liturgical ministers but for the whole community.

Liturgy Core Group

Jocelyn can be contacted through the Parish Office 08 9276 8500 or


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