Keeping In Touch Group



To visit parishioners of the faith in times of illness and those restricted to their homes.

Key Activities

Nursing home visits once a month, plus the same for home residents, or as required.


Fay Colun contactable via the Parish Office    08 9276 8500   or

About Us

We are a group of 13 members.  Our focus is on the visitation of the elderly in our parish. Generally, we visit nursing homes and aged care facilities, the housebound and those who are sick and lonely.  We usually go in pairs, chat with them and give them comfort and support.

Once a month we visit the Ella Williams Nursing Home and spend some time with each of the residents and have a friendly chat with them. However there are some who are too weak or fragile to speak so we say a few short prayers with them, comfort them and give them a blessing. It is a very fulfilling experience for us and we are happy to do service to our neighbour out of love for the Lord.


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