Parish Bulletin, 14th July, 2013 – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C.

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Dear Parishioners,


This Tuesday, 16th July, is a very special day for the Carmelite communities around the world, the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Most Catholics would recognize Our Lady of Mt. Carmel by the brown scapular she is depicted as holding. Not so many Catholics, today, know the story of this scapular which was purported to have been given to St. Simon Stock by the Blessed Virgin in a vision, with the promise that all who died wearing this form of dress would be saved.

Thus today, the Carmelite Order still dress in the brown robes, with the long piece of material (the scapular) at the front. For many centuries, the brown scapular became a popular sacramental amongst the laity and many of us would remember wearing it under our clothing (or perhaps, still do) as a protection.   Read more…


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