Parish Bulletin,10th March, 2013 – Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C.

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Dear Parishioners,

Today’s Gospel is one of the best known of Jesus’ parables and speaks to us of forgiveness. Forgiveness is an essential part of the Lenten season, as it is our recognition that we need to be forgiven which initiates our acts of penance. For us, imperfect as we are, forgiveness can be hard work; when someone really hurts us, or hurts someone we love, it can take a lot of time and prayer to overcome our feelings of resentment and pain. Even when we decide with our head that we have forgiven the one who has sinned against us, our hearts cause us to avoid or draw back from them. The parable of the prodigal son teaches us that God’s forgiveness is perfect—he never draws back from even the worst of sinners: rather, he runs with open arms to welcome them home. It is a wonderful image for us to carry to Easter and one which can help us to reconcile with those who hurt us. Read more…

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