Reflection: 23rd Sunday of Year A

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23rd Sunday of Year A

The theme for today centres on the need for reconciliation between individuals and in the wider community. Jesus outlines a process of conflict management.

On the plane coming back from Sydney on Wednesday I tuned in to the greatest hits of Simon and Garfunkel – `Homeward Bound` , well I was, wasn’t I?, `I am a rock, I am an island` and the old favourite, `Bridge over troubled water`. That song centres on reconciliation, a recurring theme today. It is said that the duo had frequent spats, a characteristic of many artistic groups going back to Gilbert and Sullivan. The song was an effort by Paul Simon to repair the damage caused by one such rift – `Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down.`

One of the least desirable traits of modern life is an all-pervading atmosphere of aggression – aggression in the home, aggression on the road, aggression in the marketplace – and even conflict in the church.
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