Reflection: 5th Sunday of Easter Year A

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In Our Lord’s farewell discourse, beginning at Chapter 13, John the Evangelist repeats many of the themes of his gospel. We are told that the last Supper was in progress, and John tells us that Jesus had an inner conviction that He had come from God and was returning to God.

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Reflection: Third Sunday of Easter Year A

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The community of faith continues in these weeks after Easter to rejoice in our new-found joy – Jesus is risen, he has conquered sin and death. Peter is one of the chief witnesses to all this and in the 1st Reading today we find him standing up fearlessly to evangelise the people – almost to harangue them -in the power of the Spirit of Pentecost. Then again in the 2nd reading today the liturgy turns to the Letter of Peter to instruct and nourish us in faith – `So that you would have faith and hope in God.`

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