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Playgroups are informal gatherings for parents and caregivers with children under school age, and are an ideal place for children to learn and develop through play. Playgroups usually meet regularly (generally once a week for two hours during school terms). They can be held anywhere that is safe for children and where groups can meet. Responsibility is shared, with each member of the playgroup making a contribution and having a say about how the group operates and what activities to do.

Playgroup is fun! Activities at playgroup includes: free play, art and craft activities, singing and dancing, book reading and outings.  Through playgroup, our children develop their communication and social skills. They will learn to share, cooperate and interact with other children and adults.

Playgroup is great for parents and caregivers too. They can meet other families, make new friends, share ideas and experiences and learn from other parents or caregivers.

About Us

Infant Jesus Playgroup was established in 1994 by a group of mothers looking for social interactions for their children and the mothers themselves in the community.

Our playgroup has a maximum of 30 places for children, and, currently, consists of a multicultural mix of little boys and little girls, aged 0 to 4.

We currently offer a Tuesday session from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, held at the Church Hall. Our weekly session usually starts off with a free play and a simple activity for the kids. Morning tea follows where each child brings a fruit to share. The session finishes up with outside play at the sheltered playground.

The mums take turns in preparing each session’s activity and morning tea while everyone else helps pack away the toys.

Come visit us and BYO child(ren)!

For more information, please contact:

President – Kirsty Henderson 0447 327 120

Or via Parish Office 08 9276 8500 ijparish@carmelite.com


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